We believe that practicing these 5 elements every day in a comprehensive way, improve a tennis players's performance on a consistent basis.
The philosophy of academy based on five principles:
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Academy features
  • Player of the week
    Once a week, one of the players deservedly wins a free private lesson.
  • Ups and Downs
    Players play singles tie-break for 10 minutes. Winners move up the court, losers move down. This gives a chance for players of all levels to compete with everyone.
  • Team event
    Group of 4 players, 2 singles 1 doubles, playing against another team. Every game counts for a point.
  • Academy tournaments
    Held once on the last Saturday of every month. Any academy players can participate which allows players of all levels to play each other.
  • 3's
    3 players on a court playing singles normal set for 25 minutes. 1 player alone versus 2 other players who will rotate accordingly.
  • 4's
    A group of 4 players who will play singles set for 45 minutes. Winner plays winner, loser plays loser.
  • 7's
    4 players on a court playing singles using only half the court to 7 points. Winner moves up, loser moves down.
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